Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bobbin Loses His Nerve

Bobbin was a goblin who lived in a forest. The forest was called Dead Wood Forest. Dead Wood Forest was a very scary place to live, even for goblins. There were many scary things in Dead Wood Forest, such as bats, spiders and even ghosts. Bobbin disliked bats most of all.

One day Bobbin was walking through Dead Wood Forest when a leaf fell on his head. Bobbin did not see the leaf and thought a bat had touched him. He got such a fright that he ran all the way home.

Bobbin the Goblin
Did You Know...
Did you know that some people believe that when a flower falls on their head that they will do well in exams?

Words / ことば
exams / しけん
forest / もり
fright / いふ
ghost / おばけ
spider / くも
touched / タッチ

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  1. Well done Rod! I enjoyed it and will follow Bobbin's quests. I'm sure your students will enjoy it and learn from it too.


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